Xero Snipers

Date: 18th December 2011

Sniper release

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Over the last few months we’ve formed a new team that we’ve called the Sniper Team – and today’s release is a great example of their work.

The Snipers

Left to right: Vicky, Ming, Simon, Hannah (Uli was on assignment and missed photo shoot)

While the rest of the team work on larger headline features, the Sniper team are focused on taking aim at smaller enhancements and fixes.

And it’s amazing how big the impact can be. Take a look at what the team’s been up to.

  • Xero will now remember the sort order on the accounts receivables/payables screens
  • The total amount due/owed of selected invoices will now display
  • Two new reports – customer and supplier invoice summaries
  • Budget manager updates – fixed column headings, row totals and full screen support
  • Bank rules allow matching on any field
  • There’s the option to register an asset and add another one immediately after

And the rest of the team worked on a couple of things too:

  • Two new partner feeds for CRT Co-operative and Bartercard (NZ)
  • Report Pack updates for New Zealand accountants

Now we know that one man’s sniper rifle is another man’s bazooka, but if you’ve got a small feature you’d love to see, let us know. Check it out here

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