Slow motion stampede!

Date: 3rd July 2011

You might have been in a hurry this weekend, but about 150 New Yorker turtles were defiantly not.

At about 6:45 Wednesday, officials at Kennedy Airport in New York scratched their heads as the slow and steady stampede made their way onto the runways.

According to aviation officials, the turtles were in search of beaches to lay their eggs. The turtles may not have caught their flights but they did catch a friendly ride to nearby beaches, courtesy of JFK transport trucks. There were so many shelled guys out on several runways to cause a dozen delays.

Apparently, Kennedy airport is built at the edge of Jamaica Bay, a federally protected par. The annual migration of diamondback terrapin turtles only last a couple days but it’s still quite funny.

Luckily there were no reports of turtles damaging any planes at JFK; however, “We hope for faster animals next time,” JetBlue said in a statement.

We’re not sure if slow and steady wins against a Boeing but we give mad props to the slow motion stampede.

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