MMP review

Date: 20th February 2012

In the November 2011 Referendum on the Voting System, a majority of voters opted to keep MMP as New Zealand’s voting system.

As a result, in 2012 there will be an independent review of MMP to recommend any changes that should be made to the way it works.

The Electoral Commission, an independent statutory body, will carry out this review, and provide New Zealanders with the opportunity to have their say on possible changes to the way the MMP system works.

How do I get involved?

The Commission will publish a consultation paper in mid-February, and the public will be able to make submissions by post, email or online, as well as at public hearings. More information on the review and how to take part will be made available in early February.

Email the Commission now to register your interest in making a submission at

In August, the Commission will release a Proposal Paper with its suggestions for MMP. The public will also have the opportunity to comment on the Proposal Paper.

What is being reviewed?

The Electoral Referendum Act 2010 sets out the issues the Commission must consider. These are—

  • What thresholds parties should have to cross to qualify for an allocation of list seats in Parliament,
  • Whether list MPs should be able to stand as candidates in a by-election,
  • Whether a person should be able to stand as a candidate both for an electorate seat and on a party list,
  • Whether voters or political parties should decide the order of candidates on a party list,
  • What should happen when a party wins more electorate seats than it would be entitled to under its share of the party vote,
  • The effects of population growth on the ratio of electorate seats to list seats, and
  • Other matters referred to the Commission by the Minister of Justice, Parliament, or raised by members of the public.

The Minister or Parliament can direct the Commission to review other matters and the Commission itself has the power to include other aspects of the MMP voting system.

What is not included in the review?

The Electoral Referendum Act 2010 has excluded the number of MPs and Māori representation from the review.

All the details about the review can be found in the Electoral Referendum Act 2010.

What is the timeline for the review?

The Commission must present a report to the Minister of Justice by 31 October 2012 with recommendations on whether any changes to MMP are necessary or desirable.

As soon as practicable after receiving the report, the Minister must present a copy of it to Parliament.

What happens after the Commission’s report is presented?

Parliament will decide what to do with the Commission’s recommendations




13 February 2012 launches

13 February 2012

Consultation Paper released and call for submissions

April – May 2012

Presentation of submissions (public hearings) take place

31 May 2012

Submissions on Consultation Paper close

June – July 2012

Consideration and development of possible proposals for changes to MMP voting system

August 2012

Proposal Paper released and call for submissions

7 September 2012

Submissions close on Proposal Paper

31 October 2012

Final report presented to Minister

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