Johnathan Brass

Client Manager, BCom, CA

Johnathan comes to Findlay Sidekick with business in his blood and a passion for problem solving. He is a veteran in the world of start-ups and cutting edge innovation; he also brings a broad range of experience in traditional heartland Kiwi business. He has built a career on corporate roots, and through a progression of Chartered Accounting firms in the South, he has shaped a business philosophy that is forward thinking and analytical. Johnathan applies smart thinking to business; this serves his clients well in business growth, planning and profitability. We are delighted to have him on our team.

Johnathan has circumnavigated the lower South. Born and bred in Invercargill, he attended university at Otago Uni, began a career in Dunedin (did a stint in London and Melbourne) and looped back around to land in Cromwell, Central Otago and is now based in our Wanaka office. His career in Chartered Accountancy took a short hiatus when he launched an online start up chasing ACC refunds for business owners. This project has given him first hand experience as a start-up, business owner, being in a partnership and battling a giant like ACC.

Outside of the office Johnathan loves gardening and spending his time with his wife and two young boys. He enjoys balancing time in the outdoors, keeping fit and time with the family. At the heart of it all, Johnathan loves to solve puzzles, in particular business puzzles. We welcome him to the Findlay Sidekick Family.

Tel 03 443 4417 ext 716

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