A summery summary!!

Date: 9th December 2012

We hope this finds you well and preparing to wave goodbye to 2012!

Twenty twelve in all her glory was a leap year in which NZ got more Talent and we crowned our second ‘Hottest Home Baker’. We beat the Aussi’s in the medal table at the Summer Olympics, but they claimed them as theirs anyway. They tried to nick award-winning singer Kimbra, so we stole their TV show The Block!

Kim Dot Com got as much coverage as Gangnam Style. Barack was reelected US President whilst the East Coast of America recovered from the enormous hurricane ‘Frankenstorm Sandy’. Felix the Austrian skydiver broke the sound barrier (with his body) with a 39km skydive from space. Etta James died and The Hobbit was born.

There was much ado about sugar being bad for us but we were consoled by the launch of the ipad Mini. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion and Kate Middleton got pregnant in the year of the Queens Jubilee.

Ironically the ‘end of the world’ Myan prediction shares the month of December with the Kyoto protocol’s conclusion date, a policy designed to save the world?

This was the year that was….roll on 2013.

**Thanks Lake Wanaka Tourism for the photo…pretty!

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