Helen Jarvis

Client Manager, B Com, CA

Helen is a Chartered Accountant based in our Alexandra office. Being geographically separated from our main office in Wanaka has never held her back from being a vocal and integral part of the Findlay & Co team. She has a smart mind, quick wit and clients enjoy her straight up nature.

Helen has a good understanding of what her clients need and is able to communicate information of a technical nature in a way that makes sense to them.

When she isn’t in the office she is managing the men in her life: a husband and 3 sons. If she isn’t on the rugby, soccer or hockey side line then you will most likely find her catering, fundraising and organising. She loves it and her favourite quote is “capability is a curse” …. words to be embraced and she certainly does that.

Helen’s specialty areas include: Retail and Trades

Email helen@findco.co.nz
Tel 03 440 2114

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